Watch Now: Holocaust & October 7th Survivors Commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 26, 2024

Survivors of the Shoah joined survivors of the October 7th massacre in solidarity and commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day during a powerful standing room only event at the 51 Center’s Museum of Tolerance.
Holocaust survivor Gabriella Karin (pictured at podium) emotionally spoke, telling the crowd, “We, Survivors of the Shoah, who never thought we would be confronting again such hate, such indifference, such silence, we are here for you our dear survivors of October 7th."

October 7th Nova music festival survivor, Danielle Sassi, who was shot in the leg, shared how her father and other family members were murdered, while she survived after sheltering for 7 hours, hiding under dead bodies.

Galia Mizrahi used the occasion to highlight the plight of the women hostages, telling the story of her female cousins and what they endured after they were first held in an apartment in Gaza, then in the tunnels, before their release in November.

Among the Holocaust Survivors in attendance, was Bill Friedman, an Auschwitz Survivor who was celebrating his 100th birthday. Over a dozen countries including Germany, Israel, United States, Ireland, Spain, France, Japan, Bahamas, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Korea, Lithuania, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, and Austria, were represented.

At the conclusion of the event, all attendees were led by Holocaust and October 7th survivors to light candles spelling out "BRING THEM HOME" in the Museum's Memorial Plaza.

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