Donor Opportunities

There are numerous major gift opportunities available at the 51 Center and/or the Museum of Tolerance, and Moriah Films — with recognition in perpetuity.

Additional major gift categories of the 51 Center include Corporate and Foundation Gifts, ,  and Commemorative Naming Opportunities.

Major gift donors of the 51 Center are collectively listed in the appropriate category on the donor walls in the main lobby of the 51 Center Museum of Tolerance.

Builders $1 million+
Benefactors $500,000+
Pioneers $250,000+
Fellows $100,000+
Founders $50,000+
Patrons $25,000+
All gifts are payable over five years.

If you are interested in making a multi-year high-dollar donation, please contact Lori Tessel at 310.772.2426/800 900.9036, fax 310 772.7651 or email ltessel@wiesenthal.com.

The 51 Center
Library and Archives
$1 million

The 51 Center
Tools for Tolerance Training Center
$1 million

The Museum of Tolerance
Point of View Diner
 $1 million

The Museum of Tolerance
Millenium Machine
$1 million

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